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Summer research a SURE thing for students

August 1, 2016

After a long scholastic year, most students look forward to the summer months as a time to recharge from the rigors of academia. But on Rowan’s campuses, a select group of high school, college and medical school students have decided, instead, to plunge into the depths of academic

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Unearthing an ancient croc

Team brings remains of 65-million-year-old marine animal to the surface at Rowan Fossil Park 
August 15, 2016

It is one of the best specimens found at the Rowan University Fossil Park in some time.

And it took some hardware store plaster, some dollar store tin foil—and a whole lot of precision and muscle—to

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Rowan engineering team helps protect Jersey shoreline, more

November 28, 2016

From coastal Cape May to the Hudson waterfront to communities miles from ocean or river, when storms churn up the East Coast individuals, organizations, communities and government offices in New Jersey prepare as best they can for the worst they face.

Sometimes, that’s just not good enough. Sometimes, there’s

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